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One-Room Park






構造/階数: RC造地上5階+PH階

意匠設計:icai architects










Use: Housing complex

Status: Unbuilt

Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Building area: 110m2

Total floor area: 540m2

Structure/No. of floors: RC, 5 floors + PH floor

Design: icai architects

Structural design cooperation: Kenichi Inoue

Design period: 2021

 This is a plan for a studio apartment building in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.

 In addition to the standard practice of securing as much total floor space as possible and as many units as possible as calculated from legal requirements, the challenge was how to differentiate the building from neighboring apartment complexes that are well-located.

 To address this issue, we considered 3 architectural design possibilities, given that there were few high-rise buildings in the surrounding area.

 -The floor area is larger than that of a typical one-room apartment to provide more spaciousness.

 -The balcony is deep enough to be used as a place for dining, relaxing, and enjoying hobbies. The washroom corner and bathtub facing the balcony will create a sense of openness in the water area.

 -The rooftop of the common area will be open for residents to use freely, providing an opportunity for community building.

 While the relationship between the outside and the inside of one-room apartments tends to be weak, this is a new type of collective housing that is created by inducing behavior outside and by the windows.

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